I was just experimenting in the kitchen and stumbled on this new way to prepare Swiss Chard that even the young children would love. I take my Chard and wash it first. Than cut it up in sections, making sure that I use the stems with it also. I also dice up an onion and peel a couple of cloves of garlic. I get out my frying pan and thinly coat with olive olice. I use my garlic press and press the garlic in along with the onions and a handful of oregano and let it cook for about a minute. Depending on your appetite, a lb. of Swiss Chard is only enough for two, after it cooks down there is not much left, however it is so good. After a minute and the Swiss Chard making sure you stir to get all the good juices and mix in the onions. Place on the serving plate and top it with some mozzarella and mirco wave for the quick melt. Place your other food on or eat it as a healthy snack.

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