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Deep Cove Farms was one of the originals there and also selling herbs in this 30th year Anniversary of Riva Rd Market .We are often imitated but the quality is always a step above with Deep Cove Farms herbs.







These peppers were started from seed. They are about two weeks old at the time of the photo


Our corn is taking off and we hope to have the first of the bi colored corn ready by July 4th. The Heirloom Tomatoes are on their second of five strings going up and have plenty of flowers. The Black Plum actually has some little ones growing. The plants love the heat but William does not like working in it that much.

The  two new additions to the farm are keeping with the heirloom tradition. We recently added two Dexter Cows which hail from South West Ireland. This almost once extinct breed of cattle will now keep me from cutting the grass in the fallow field. They are happy to be here and we are  happy that we do not have more grass to cut. Their names are Dixie and Chad.